Mark Neihart is an artist, writer, and businessman living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The father of four grown children, Neihart shares his life with his wife Heidi and their dressage horses, Serrano and Isabella.

Neihart’s career has been centered on music, photography, writing, and business. His current creative projects include the new novel The Horse Angels and a new album of music entitled Nostalgia. Neihart studied music theory and composition at Westminster College, leading to a lifetime of audio and video production. He has been a lifelong guitarist and has expanded his talents to include a number of other instruments.


Neihart’s business career started at an early age alongside his father where he learned business principles from the ground up.  Currently, Neihart serves as CEO of Premier Equestrian, llc a company he co-founded with his wife Heidi Zorn. Premier has become a world leader in equestrian sporting equipment, arena footing, dressage arenas, and horse jumps. Mark Neihart is an acknowledged expert in arena footing and was chosen to personally oversee the building of three arenas for the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Dancing Deer, llc is a the publishing company formed by Mark Neihart and Heidi Zorn to produce the world renown “Matter of Trust” video series for dressage master Walter A Zettl. The five-year project resulted in over 18 hours of content in five volumes. The series was widely received and reached the million dollar sales volume early in 2009. Mark Neihart produced, filmed, wrote, narrated, edited, mastered and wrote the music for the series. Radishman Studios, founded by Neihart is where most of the production occurs whether audio or video. 9BCV0130-TweakedMuch of Neihart’s latest album, Nostalgia, was recorded here.  Mark Neihart has released 4 albums: Maybe, Remnants of the Last Years of the Millennium, Chasing Devine, and Nostalgia. Additionally, Neihart hosts the television show The Brewin’ Bistro which is a showcase for local musical talent in the Salt Lake City area.

Mark Neihart is also a professional photographer and his photos have been published in multiple equestrian magazines, on web sites, and in promotional material. Neihart’s work was chosen by the Breyer Horse company to include in their packaging for the horse Mistral Hojris

FamilyMark Neihart was born in Corvallas, Oregon in the spring of 1959, the fourth child (out of five) and the third son of Russell and Judith Neihart. Neihart grew up in Salt Lake City where he developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors spending countless hours exploring the regions deserts, mountains, and canyon lands.

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