I want to acknowledge the special people in my life that made this project possible through support, encouragement, and inspiration. Chris, Nick, and Haley, especially Nick who shares the Producer’s credit, my wife Heidi who makes this all possible, John Louviere and his quiet but sincere support, Scott Iverson, Peter Braun, and my wide circle of assorted music friends too many to name but too important not to mention. Thank you, to each and every one of you. This has been the longest recording project I have undertaken. For over two years this project occupied a space in my creative soul. It came at one of the most prolific seasons of my life and shares the stage with a new novel, The Horse Angels, a new phase of growth in my company, Premier Equestrian, the Brewin’ Bistro a television music showcase, and a new found fascination (i.e. obsession) with wine. In a beautiful eruption of my souls creative volcano the ideas, melodies, and harmonies on this album came together in collaboration with some very talented people. After such a long haul I lay spent and weary on the field of creation, exhausted by the effort yet basking in the warm glow of achievement, however insignificant to the world at large. Those of you that walk this path know what I am talking about. It is our life’s purpose. -Mark Neihart 2013, Granite, Utah.


Recorded August 2011, Man Vs. Music Studio’s, SLC



Engineered by Mike Sasich
Additional Recording 2011-2013 at Radishman Studio’s SLC
Engineered by Mark Neihart
Mixed by Mike Sasish
Mastered by: Steve Phillips
Produced by: Mark Neihart and Nick Neihart


Mark Neihart: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano and keyboards, programing, vocals.
Dan Thomas: Drums and percussion.
Ron Harrel: Electric bass, stand-up bass
Nick Neihart: Electric guitar, back-up vocals.
Peter Dansig: Mandolin and Banjo



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All Songs written by Mark Neihart
© 2013, Dancing Deer, LLC
Except “Both Sides Now” written by Joni Mitchell
© 1969, Siquomb Publishing Company

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